LLB (UWA), LLB (Monash), LLM, PhD (Melbourne)
Law and Legal Studies

Professor Judith Gardam is Professor Emerita of International Law at the Law School, University of Adelaide. Her particular areas of expertise are international humanitarian law and the international law regulating the use of force. The majority of her research work over the years has involved investigating legal strategies to improve the protection of civilians, in particular women, from the impact of armed conflict. She is also currently working on projects relating to energy, sustainable development, poverty and human rights.

  • Professor Emerita (2011-present), University of Adelaide
  • Professor (2006 - 2011), University of Adelaide
  • Reader (1996 - 2005), University of Adelaide
  • Senior Lecturer (1989 - 2005), University of Adelaide
  • Lecturer (1987 - 1988), University of Melbourne
  • Senior Tutor (1985 - 1986), Monash University

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