PhD in Political Science and International Relations (ANU), Grad Dip Int Law (ANU), BA (Honours) (Griffith University)
Political science

Linda Courtenay Botterill is Professor in Australian Politics and Associate Dean Research in the Faculty of Business, Government & Law at the University of Canberra. Prof Botterill has published extensively on Australian rural policy issues and her current research program is focused on the role of personal and societal values in politics and policy.

Her research builds on nearly fifteen years as a public policy practitioner in the Australian Public Service, as a policy officer in two industry associations and as an adviser to two federal Ministers.

Key appointments: President of the Australian Political Studies Association 2014-15

Head of School, School of Government & Policy, University of Canberra 2013-

Professor in Australian Politics, University of Canberra 2010-

Adjunct Professor, UNSW Canberra

Director, National Institute for Rural and Regional Australia 2009-2010

Fellow, Research School of Political Science, ANU 2005-2010

2008 ANU Vice Chancellor’s media award for impact in public debate on drought policy

2009 Mayer Prize for the Best Article published in the Australian Journal of Political Science in 2008

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