B.Ec (Hons), PhD (University of Sydney)
Strategy, management and organisational behaviour

Michael Quinlan is Emeritus Professor of Industrial Relations in the School of Management and an associate of the Industrial Relations Research Centre at the University of New South Wales and also holds a fractional professorial post at the Business School Middlesex University, London.

Professor Quinlan specialises in occupational health and safety and industrial relations history.

Key appointments in the last ten years: Beaconsfield mine fatality investigation; co-author with Hon Lance Wright of federal trucking pay safety review; member of the NZ government Post Pike River disaster Expert Reference Group & member of the New Zealand Extractive Industries Advisory Group.

Professor, School of Management University of NSW (since 1994)

Honorary Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney (since 2009)

Professor, Business School, Middlesex University, London.

Fellow, Safety Institute of Australia


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Book chapters

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