BA (hons), MA, PhD (ANU)
Political science

Professor Marian Sawer is Emeritus Professor in the School of Politics and International Relations, Australian National University, Member of the International Political Science Association Executive and Co-Editor of the International Political Science Review. She chairs the Social Sciences Editorial Board of the ANU E Press. She was formerly (2000 - 2003) head of the Political Science Program, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University. She was awarded the APSA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009 and was the Program Co-Chair of the World Congress of Political Science in Poznan in 2016.

Currently she is helping complete a large ARC-funded project on Gendered Excellence in the Social Sciences:

Other areas of expertise include:

  • theory and practice of representation
  • electoral governance
  • social liberalism
  • gender politics and policy.

Recent books

• Marian Sawer, Fiona Jenkins and Karen Downing (eds) 2020

How Gender Can Transform the Social Sciences. Palgrave.

• Anika Gauja, Marian Sawer and Marian Simms (eds) (2020)

Morrison's Miracle: The 2019 Australian Federal Election,

Canberra: ANU Press.

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  • Anika Gauja and Marian Sawer (eds) (2016) Party Rules? Dilemmas of Party Regulation in Australia,Sawer Canberra: ANU Press.
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