BSc (Middlesex), MA (Warwick), PhD (Imperial College)
Strategy, management and organisational behaviour

Mark Dodgson is Emeritus Professor at the University of Queensland Business School, Visiting Professor at Imperial College London, Executive-in-Residence at Oxford University, and Broman Scholar at the University of Gothenburg. Mark has advised numerous companies and governments around the world and has researched and taught innovation in over 60 countries. He has been a Board or Advisory Board member of two multi-billion dollar companies and three start-ups. Mark has written or edited 19 books and over 100 academic articles and book chapters on innovation. He writes a regular blog on innovation for the World Economic Forum. His website can be found at

1983-86 Fellow, Technical Change Centre, London

1986-93 Fellow/Senior Fellow, Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex

1993-2003 Professor of Management, Australian National University

(Executive Director, National Graduate School of Management, 1995-97, 1999-2001)

2003 - 2017 Professor and Director, Technology and Innovation Management Centre, University of Queensland

2017 - Professor of Innovation Studies, University of Queensland

  • Joan Woodward Memorial Prize (1985)
  • Commonwealth Fellowship (1992)
  • Visiting Professor, Imperial College (2003 - 2020
  • Officer (AO) of the Order of Australia (2019)

(A) Books

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(B) Representative journal articles

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