BA (Dayton), MA (George Peabody), PhD (Alabama), FGSA, FAPS, AAGF

Mary Luszcz is a Matthew Flinders Distinguished Professor in the School of Psychology and Director, Flinders Centre for Ageing Studies, at Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia. There she has held appointments since migrating to Australia from the USA in 1979. She holds degrees from the University of Dayton (BA, 1972), George Peabody College (now incorporated in Vanderbilt University; MA, 1974) and the University of Alabama (PhD, 1975).

She is also a Fellow of the Gerontological Society of America, the Australian Psychological Society and the Australian Association of Gerontology. She was former Secretary General and Vice-President of the International Association of Gerontology (1997-2001) and member of the Council of the Asia Oceania Region of the IAG. She has served on ARC Large Grants Committee and on the NH&MRC Grants Committee. In 1997 she was appointed as the inagural Editor of the Behavioural Science Section of GERONTOLOGY (Karger).

She has a long-standing interest in developmental psychology, and views ageing as a life-long developmental process. Alone and in collaboration with her students and colleagues, she has published widely and her research has been supported by grants from ARC, NH&MRC, and a variety of other sources. She is Scientific Director of the Australian Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ALSA).

2012 Matthew Flinders Distinguished Professor

2010 ACH Group, Sir Keith Wilson Oration, Australian Association of Gerontology

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