BA (Cambridge), PhD (ANU)
Human geography

Professor Michael Webber studies the impact of large-scale social changes on work, people and communities. Until about the year 2000, this program of research was focussed on the effects of industrial restructuring and economic change, and culminated in a series of studies of the textiles and clothing industry in Australia. More recently, this program shifted its orientation towards tracing the implications of the emergence of new forms of economic and social organisation in China, particularly the development of markets for labour, the expansion of capitalist forms of organisation into the countryside, and the developing environmental crisis.

1968 1972 Australian National University, Lecturer (Geography)

1973 1974 McMaster University, Assistant Professor (Geography)

1974 1978 McMaster University, Associate Professor (Geography)

1978 1985 McMaster University, Professor (Geography)

1985 2003 University of Melbourne, Professor (Geography)

2004 2005 Melbourne University Private, Professor (International Development), Vice-President and Provost

2006 University of Melbourne, Professorial Fellow (Geography)

2007 2013 University of Melbourne, Professorial Fellow Honorary (Geography)

2014- University of Melbourne, Professor Emeritus

[since 2012]

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