BA (Psychology) (Reed College), MSc (Accounting & Information Systems) (Northwestern), PhD, (Accounting & Information Systems) (Northwestern), FASSA

Accounting, auditing and accountability

Dr. Soderstrom is Deputy Head of Department at the University of Melbourne and is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia. She received her Ph.D. in Accounting and Information Systems from Northwestern University. Her primary research areas are management accounting and sustainability accounting. Dr. Soderstrom’s work has appeared in major journals including Journal of Accounting and Economics, Journal of Accounting Research, The Accounting Review, Journal of the American Medical Association, Review of Accounting Studies, Contemporary Accounting Research, Journal of Management Accounting Research, Journal of Accounting, Auditing, and Finance, and Journal of Accounting and Public Policy in the U.S. and Accounting Organizations and Society and European Accounting Review in Europe. She is a former Editor of Journal of Management Accounting Research (2016-2018) and currently is Editor of Journal of Accounting and Public Policy (2018-2021) and serves on the editorial boards of several journals. Prior to joining the University of Melbourne, Dr. Soderstrom taught at the University of Washington and University of Colorado. She has been a Visiting Professor at IE (Madrid, Spain), ISB (Mohali, India), University of Mannheim (Mannheim, Germany), and the University of Maastricht (Maastricht, Netherlands). Dr. Soderstrom is Past President the Management Accounting Section of the American Accounting Association.

Dr. Soderstrom’s current research focus is on sustainability accounting. Companies are under increasing pressure from a variety of stakeholders to take sustainability into consideration in their strategies and in the way that they operate. Fundamental to enhancing sustainability is measurement and disclosure of metrics and information regarding the sustainability performance of organizations. This information allows firm management to efficiently allocate resources to enhance sustainability and external stakeholders to discipline and reward low and high sustainability organizations. Dr. Soderstrom’s work includes topics such as developing disclosure of sustainability-related data, understanding stock market implications of corporate sustainability disclosures and performance, exploring the reliability of corporate sustainability disclosures, and understanding how individuals use sustainability-related information in their decision-making.

Editor, Journal of Accounting and Public Policy

Phi Beta Kappa, Beta Gamma Sigma, Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand, American Accounting Association, European Accounting Association, Institute of Management Accountants

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