BA, DipEd (Sydney), MA(Hons) (New England), PhD (Michigan), HonDLitt (UNE), HonDLitt (Flinders),Hon FAPsS

Professor Norman Feather is the Foundation Professor of Psychology at the Flinders University of South Australia. He retired in 2000 and now has the status of Emeritus Professor. His book 'Values, Achievement, and Justice: Studies in the Psychology of Deservingness' was published in 1999. Flinders University has granted him academic status as a Professor and he continues an active research programme. Professor Feather specialises in social psychology and human motivation.

His current research interests include:

  • the social psychology of justice
  • values and social attitudes in Australia and cross-culturally
  • national identity
  • expectancy-value models of motivation
  • deservingness and entitlement.
  • deservingness and emotions
  • tall poppies

.Marquis Award from University of Michigan (1961)

.Two British Council Scholarships

. Two Fulbright Scholarships

. Distinguished Alumni Award from University of New England (1998)

. Distinguished Alumni Award from University of New England(1998)

. Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award from Australian Psychological Society(1998)

. Outstanding Contribution to Flinders University Award(2006)

Honorary Doctor of Letters from University of New England(2007)

. Honorary Doctor of letters from Flinders University(2009)

. Member of Order of Australia(AM) (2016)


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