BSc (hons), DipEc (Southhampton), PhD (Sydney)

Professor Peter Saunders is the Director of the Social Policy Research Centre, University of New South Wales. His research interests include:

  • poverty, household budgets and the analysis of needs
  • income distribution and inequality
  • social security issues
  • comparative social policy in OECD and Asian countries
  • NSW Social Justice Reference Group
  • Academies' Special Project on Poverty and Inequality (Co-Director)
  • Chair, ASSA Workshop Committee and Panel B

  • Saunders, P. (1998) Poverty and Health: Exploring the Linkages between Financial Stress and Emotional Stress in Australia, Australian Journal of Public Health 22(1):11-16.
  • Saunders, P. (1997) Living Standards, Choice and Poverty, Australian Journal of Labour Economics 1:49-70.
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