MBBS (Hons 1) (Sydney), PhD (Monash), HonMD (Melbourne)
Health Sciences

Professor Patrick McGorry is Professor of Youth Mental Health at the University of Melbourne and Executive Director of the ORYGEN Research Centre. Professor McGorry specialises in mental health reform and specifically the development of preventive and early intervention strategies for emerging, potentially serious, mental disorders in young people, aged 12 - 25 years. This involves service development, clinical trials and studies examining the clinical neurobiology of the onset phase of psychotic, mood, and substance use disorders.

He has advised governments at state and federal levels in Australia, and internationally, especially Canada, US, Scandinavia, Germany, UK and Ireland.

Other areas of expertise include refugee and asylum seeker mental health, torture and trauma, suicide and substance use disorders.

  • Chair, Executive Committee, National Youth Mental Health Foundation ("headspace").
  • Australian Centenary Medal 2003
  • Appointed Officer (AO) in the General Division, Order of Australia, in 2010 Queen's Birthday Honours List

Memberships / Fellowships

  • FRCP (2002)
  • FRANZCP (1986)
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  • McGorry PD (2007) Issues for DSM-V: Clinical staging: A heuristic pathway to valid nosology and safer, more effective treatment in psychiatry, American Journal of Psychiatry, 164(6): 859-60.
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