MB BS (Hons) (USyd), MD (UNSW)
Health Sciences

Scientia Professor PHILIP MITCHELL AM is Head of the School of Psychiatry at The University of New South Wales. Professor Mitchell specialises in bipolar disorder and depression. His current focus is on identifying biological and clinical factors that increase the risk of at-risk subjects developing bipolar disorder, with the ultimate aim of enabling the development of targeted early intervention programs.

Key appointments in last 10 years: Chair, NSW Mental Health Priority Taskforce; Member, NHMRC Research Committee; Vice-President (Governance) International Society for Bipolar Disorders.

Vice-President (Governance), International Society for Bipolar Disorders

Director/Board Member, Black Dog Institute

Director/Board Member, The Anika Foundation for Adolescent Depression and Suicide

Convenor, Australasian Society for Bipolar and Depressive Disorders


Senior Research Award, Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (2002)

Founders Medal, Australasian Society for Psychiatric Research (2004)

NSW Medical/Media Award, Research Australia (2006)

Vocational Excellence Award, Rotary International (2008)

Samuel Novey Lecturer, Johns Hopkins University, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences (2008)

Member of the Order of Australia (2010) for service to medical education, particularly in the field of psychiatry, as an academic, researcher and practitioner, through contributions to the understanding, treatment and prevention of mental illnesses.

College Citation, Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (2013) for exceptional service to psychiatry.

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