BA (hons), MA (Manchester), PhD (Canterbury), Grad Cert Education (Cambridge), DLitt (ANU)
Human geography

Professor Peter Rimmer is an economic geographer who specialises in urban and regional development within the Asian-Pacific Rim with a particular emphasis on the role of communications and transport (road, rail, sea and air). He has undertaken research work in China, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. He has completed an economic history of Southeast Asia with Associate Professor Howard Dick (University of Melbourne) which has examined the impact of technological change on city systems and systems of cities within Southeast Asia since 1850. They have also collaborated on a second text on re-thinking the city in Southeast Asia which explores ways of moving beyond outmoded paradigm of the Third World City by examining patterns, processes and policy. Currently, he is working on a study of global and local logistics, with a particular emphasis on Asian-Pacific perspectives. This study stems from the period when he was resident in Korea as the Hanjin Shipping Chair Professor of Global Logistics in the Graduate School of Logistics at Inha University, Incheon.

In 2022 Professor Peter Rimmer received the J.P. Thomson Medal from the Royal Geographical Society of Queensland and gave the Oration on China's Geologistics. 

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