BA(Hons), MA (Newcastle), PhD (Canterbury)

Built Environment and Design

Professor Peter Newton served as Research Professor of Sustainable Urbanism in the Institute for Social Research at Swinburn University (2007-2021) and was awarded Emeritus Professor by University Council in 2022, He held research leadership positions in the CRC for Low Carbon Living, the CRC for Spatial Information and the CRC for Construction Innovation. With his social science background and 30 years of research experience in CSIRO, the last 15 as Chief Research Scientist, Professor Newton is a leader in socio-technical innovation as applied to the challenges of sustainable urban development. Other areas of expertise include: urban systems modelling, urban transition theory and state of environment reporting.

Key appointments in the last ten years, in addition to those listed in the Appointments section of this page, include: member of the Board of AURIN (2013-2022); member of Research Advisory Committee CRC Water Sensitive Cities (2012-2022); member of the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (2001-6); member of UN ESCAP Expert Group on Low Carbon Green Growth (2008-12); and founding member of The Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (1995) and the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (2004).

Emeritus Professor, Swinburne University (2022-)

Research Professor, Swinburne University (2007-2021)

Chief Research Scientist, CSIRO (1994-2006)

Program Leader CRC Low Carbon Living (2012-2019)

Support Partner CRC Spatial Information (2010-2017)

Program Leader CRC for Construction Innovation (2000-2006)


Board of AURIN (2013-2022)

Research Advisory Committee CRC Water Sensitive Cities (2012-2019)

Member, International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (2001-6)

Commonwealth Post-graduate scholar; CSIRO Post-doctoral Fellowship

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