BAgEc (Massey), MS (AgEc) (Iowa State), PhD (Econ) (University of British Columbia)

R Quentin Grafton is Professor of Economics, ANU Public Policy Fellow and Director of the Centre for Water Economics, Environment and Policy (CWEEP) at the Crawford School of Public Policy at the Australian National University. In April 2010 he was appointed the Chairholder, the UNESCO Chair in Water Economics and Transboundary Water Governance and in August 2013 was appointed Executive Director (Research Engagement) at the Australian National Institute of Public Policy (ANIPP).

Previously he was Chief Economist and Executive Director of the Australian Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics (2011 - 2013), Senior Fellow at the Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies (2001 - 2004) at the ANU, Director of the Institute of the Environment (1999 - 2001) at the University of Ottawa, Canada. He has an abiding interest in the problems of the environment and public policy, especially the overexploitation and management of renewable resources (particularly fisheries and water), and the economics of energy and also the economics of non-renewable resources.

He has served as Editor of the Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics and currently serves on the editorial boards of Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, Environment and Development Economics, International Journal of Environmental Economics, Economics Research International, and Water Resources and Economics. He is also the founder and Executive Editor of the Global Water Forum.

Current projects:

  • Human-induced impact on water scarcity
  • Optimal investment in water supply
  • Marine reserves and ecological uncertainty
  • Social networks and productivity
  • Energy security.

Research interests:

  • Water markets and water economics
  • Food and water security
  • Resilience
  • Fisheries management (especially marine reserves)
  • Property rights (especially quantitative instruments in resource and environmental management)
  • Energy security
  • Resource taxation
  • Long-term commodity price cycles.
Main Teaching, Research or Administrative Posts

Bureau of Resource and Energy Economics

  • Chief Economist and Executive Director (08/11 - 07/13)

The Australian National University, Crawford School of Public Policy

  • Professor of Economics (E1 07/04 - 12/08; E2 12/08 - )
  • ANU Public Policy Fellow (06/12 - )
  • Chairholder, UNESCO Chair in Water Economics and Transboundary Water Governance (04/10 - )
  • Research Director, Crawford School (11/05 - 09/08)
  • Co-Chair, ANU Water Initiative (03/07 - )
  • Director, Centre for Water Economics, Environment and Policy (CWEEP) (10/09 - )
  • Convenor, Master of Environmental & Resource Economics (MERE), Crawford School (05/05 - 06/11)
  • PhD Convenor, International Economics and Development, Crawford School (02/05 - 01/06)

The Australian National University, Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies

  • Senior Fellow (10/01 - 06/04)

University of Ottawa, Institute of the Environment

  • Director (10/99 - 09/01)

University of Ottawa, Department of Economics

  • Associate Professor (5/97 - 09/01)
  • Assistant Professor (7/92 - 5/97)

University of Otago, Department of Economics

  • William Evans Visiting Fellow (08/98 - 12/98)

Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (Bergen)

  • Visiting Scholar (05/93 - 07/93)


Since 2007

  • Included in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 "Who's Who in the World" (Marquis Editions) and 2006 "Who's Who in Science and Engineering" (Marquis Edition), and "Dictionary of International Biography (2007)
  • Listed in Top 500 of the World's Economists (1994 - 1998), Revealed Performances: Worldwide Rankings of Economists and Economics Departments
  • Honorary Professor, University of Otago (2007 - 2010)
  • Member of the International Program Committees for World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists (2006), Modeling and Simulation World Conference (2005), Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society Meeting (2007), etc.
  • Chair, Social and Economics Reference Panel of the Murray-Darling Basin Commission (2008 - 2009)
  • Member, Murray-Darling Basin Water Purchase Stakeholder Consultative Committee (2008 - 2009)
  • Member, National Council on Education for Sustainability (2008 - 2010)
  • Member, Resilience Roundtable (2009 - )
  • Member of Resource Working Group of the Fisheries and Research Development Corporation (2007 - 2010)
  • Member of Expert Advisory Committee for the Australian Government's Maintaining Australia's Biodiversity Hotspots Programme (2007 - 2008)
  • Member of Selection Advisory Panel to the Australian Natural Resources Management Standing Committee (2007)

Special Awards Since 2006

  • Editor's Choice Award (Water Resources Research) given to top 1% of published papers by the America Geophysical Union, 2012
  • National Water Commission Professor Peter Cullen Eureka Prize for Water Research and Innovation, 2011
  • Australian National University Commendation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning (College of Asia and the Pacific), 2011
  • Australian National University's Vice-Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Education (Supervision), 2010
  • Best Paper prize (The Economic Record) of Economic Society of Australia, 2006

Quentin Grafton, Jamie Pittock, Maree Tait and Chris White (eds) (2013) Water: Security, Economics and Governance. Prahran: Tilde University Press

R Quentin Grafton, Jamie Pittock, Richard Davis, John Williams, Guobin Fu, Michele Warburton, Bradley Udall, Ronnie McKenzie, Xiubo Yu, Nhu Che, Daniel Connell, Qiang Jiang, Tom Kompas, Amanda Lynch, Richard Norris, Hugh Possingham and John Quiggin (2012), Global insights into water resources, climate change and governance, Nature Climate Change

R Quentin Grafton, Tom Kompas, Ngo Van Long (2012), Substitution between Biofuels and Fossil Fuels: Is there a Green Paradox?, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management

R Q Grafton, C Landry, G Libecap, S McGlennon and B O'Brien (2012), Integrated Assessment of Water Markets: Australia, Chile, China, South Africa and the US, Review of Environmental Economics and Policy

R Q Grafton, L Chu, M Stewardson and T Kompas (2011), Optimal Dynamic Water Allocation: Irrigation Extractions and Environmental Tradeoffs in the Murray River, Australia, Water Resources Research