BA, Litt.B (New England), PhD (Flinders)
Human geography

Professor Bob Stimson is Director, Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network (AURIN) in the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, University of Melbourne and formerly Professor of Geographcal Sciences and Planning in the School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management at The University of Queensland. From 2004 to 2009 he was the Convenor of the Australian Research Council Research Network in Spatially Integrated Social Science. Bob is an analytical human geographer and regional scientist, specialising in urban and regional analysis, development and planning and research into human spatial behaviour.

He is a Past President of the Regional Science Association International (RSAI), the Australia and New Zealand Sector of the Regional Science Association, and the Pacific Rim Council on Urban Development (PRCUD). He is a past President of the Western Regional Science Association (US) and was the Chair of the Applied Geography Commission in the International Geographical Union, 2008-2012. He has been a Fulbright Senior Scholar.

In 2010 Bob was elected as a Fellow of the Regional Science Association International. He is a Life member of the Australia and New Zealand Section of RSAI and isa recipient of the Section's Distinguished Service Award.

Bob's current research activities focus on modelling endogenous regional growth and development, large scale urban models, modelling the quality of urban life, developing e-research facilities to analyse and visualise socio-spatial phenomena, and retirement housing choices in Australia.

Bob has extensive experience conducting research and consulting with public agencies at all levels of government in Australia and with the World Bank.

Member (AM) of the Order of Australia, 2017

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