BA (Melbourne), MA (Monash), PhD (Cambridge), FAHA

Stuart Macintyre was an Emeritus Laureate Professor of the University of Melbourne. He held the Ernest Scott chair of history from 1999 to 2014 and was Dean of the Faculty of Arts from 1999 to 2006. He served from 2007 to 2009 as President of the Academy.

His research spanned several fields. Initially he worked in British labour and social history, and as a research fellow in Cambridge he wrote two monographs, A Proletarian Science (1980) and Little Moscows (1980). After returning to Australia in that year he worked principally in Australian history.

His publications on labour and political history include thematic studies, biographies, a study of Post-War Reconstruction, the first volume of a history of communism and two edited volumes, one with John Faulkner on the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party, and the other with Joe Isaacs on the Federal arbitration system,

His interest in intellectual educational history led to The Poor Relation (2010), a history of the Academy, and No End of a Lesson (2015), a study of the formation of Australia’s Unified National System of Higher Education. He chaired an inquiry into civics and citizen education for the Keating government, which resulted in the report Whereas the People… (1994), and he was lead writer in history for the national school curriculum initiated by Julia.

Another thread of his research was historiography. He wrote a biography of Ernest Scott and studies of Brian Fitzpatrick, Max Crawford, Manning Clark, Geoffrey Blainey, John La Nauze and Geoffrey Bolton. With Anna Clark he wrote an account of The History Wars, and he was an editor of volume four of the Oxford History of Historical Writing.

He produced a number of general studies of Australian History: volume 4 of The Oxford History of Australia (1986) covered the first half of the twentieth century; A Concise History of Australia (first published 1999); The Oxford Companion to Australian History (1998) with Graeme Davison and John Hirst; and with Alison Bashford he edited The Cambridge History of Australia (2013).

Council of the National Library of Australia (1987-96)

Council of the State Library of Victoria (1989-98)

Chair, Prime Minister’s Civics Expert Group (1994-96)

Advisory Council of the ARC (2007-2010)

Chair, Heritage Council of Victoria (2015-

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