BA (Melbourne); MA (Soton); PhD (Melbourne); FASSA
Law and Legal Studies

Sharon Pickering is a Professor of Criminology who has made a significant contribution to the study of criminalisation across a number of key areas in the field - counter-terrorism, policing diverse communities, and·gender and criminal justice. The team interdisciplinary team she led in the study of counter-terrorism policing and culturally diverse communities shaped the development of counter-terrorism policing policy in Victoria. However her most notable scholarly contribution has been in the development of the sub field of the criminology of mobility where she has been both a national and international leader in the theoretical and empirical study of the criminalisation of the non-citizen and global governance. This sub field sits at the interdisciplinary intersection of crime, citizenship,

race, gender and immigration control.

Her work has pioneered the study of the border in the field of criminology and she is the founding director of the Border Observatory which has achieved significant policy impact and public engagement and established the only database of border related deaths in this region. Her work (with Leanne Weber) on border related deaths is of international concern and has won numerous awards - the book Borders and Globalization: Death at the Global Frontier is regarded as seminal. Her article on media representations of asylum seekers is highly cited and been identified as one of the most influential articles in the Journal of Refugee Studies in the past 30 years.

Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia, 2018

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