BA (Sydney), MA (Illinois), Academic Diploma of Education and PhD (London), D.Litt. (Hon) NUI

Emeritus Professor Malcolm Skilbeck, until 1998 Deputy Director for Education at OECD maintained an active interest in educational policy analysis, curriculum, tertiary and secondary education, the teaching profession and educational innovation.

Publications include: The University Challenged - A Review of International Trends and Issues with particular reference to Ireland, for the Higher Education Authority and the Conference of Heads of Irish Universities, 2001; Education for All, 2000 Assessment, Global Synthesis (published in 2000 by UNESCO); Redefining Tertiary Education (OECD, 1998 - principal author). My most recent work in tertiary education is the report of the team I led for the OECD Review of Higher Education for the Albanian minority in Macedonia.

Other projects include co-authorship of Australian Country Background Report for OECD study on Attracting, Developing and Retaining Effective Teachers (commissioned by DEST and available on DEST website); research and drafting role for DEST in preparation of report of the Committee for the Review of Teaching and Teacher Education published in 2003, as Australia's Teachers, Australia's Future - Advancing Innovation, Science and Mathematics; and Teachers for the Future, a report for MCEETYA on Australian teachers in their first ten years in the profession, joint author (completed, publication forthcoming).

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