BA (Hons) (Oxford), MA (Soton), DPhil (Sussex), DipTh (Drama Studio), FRSA

Recent roles include Head of School Arts and Social Sciences (Monash Malaysia), and Distinguished professor (Arts) University of Lincoln. Prior to appointment to the University of Lincoln, Stephi was a professorial ARC funded Future Fellow in the School of Humanities and Languages, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of New South Wales, and prior to that was Dean of the School of Media and Communications at RMIT and Honorary Professor of Chinese Media Studies at the University of Sydney. She has held appointments as Director of the Institute for International Studies and Director of the Centre for Transforming Cultures (UTS), as Head of Film and Television at QUT, and in positions in media studies at the Universities of Melbourne and Murdoch. She has also served as Head of School (Arts) at the University of Liverpool. She specializes in the study of cultural and visual politics with particular interest in China, Asia-Pacific, and children.

Hong Kong University Grants Committee : Deputy Convenor, Humanities Panel, RAE

Member: ASSA Public Programmes committee. Board member: iCinema External Examiner, University of Reading, Creative Industries (Masters).

Australian Research Council (ARC), member of Excellence of Research in Australia (ERA) Panel, Chair – final awards committee

ARC (Chair), International Committee, Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia (ASSA), Panel A Committee (Sociology) (ASSA).

President: Chinese Studies Association of Australia

Australian Research Council: College of Experts, Humanities and Creative Arts Panel (Chair: 2008)

2012-2018 Australian Research Council Professorial Future Fellow.

Associate, Centre for Modernism Studies in Australia, UNSW.

2012 Leverhulme Visiting Professor, World Cinema Centre, University of Leeds 2011-2013 Visiting Professor, ICS, University of Leeds.

2010–2011 KNAW / ASSA Visiting Fellow University of Amsterdam (2011). Honorary Professor: University of Sydney (-August 2011)

Royal Society of Arts (UK and Australia) (elected 2003) Academy of the Social Sciences of Australia (elected 2008) Visiting Professor University of Westminster

2009 Centre for Transforming Cultures (associate), University of Technology, Sydney.

2008 Visiting Professor: King’s College London

2007 Visiting Fellow: Shanghai University (invited 2007)

2001 Asia Research Centre, Murdoch University

I have served as committee member for Faculty Reviews for Research Excellence in Creative Arts at the Western Australian Acadamy of Performing Arts, Edith Cowan University (2016); and at Swinburne University (2011), and general reviews of research and teaching at University of Sydney (2008), University of New South Wales College of Fine Arts (COFA) (2008), University of Canberra (2007)

Outstanding Academic Text Choice Award (2018). Book (Film category)

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  2. Donald SH, S. Wright and E. Wilson, eds. Childhood and Nation in World Cinema, (Bloomsbury, 2017)

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