BEc (Hons) (Sydney), PhD (ANU), D.Litt (Hon Caus Murdoch)


Emeritus Professor Stuart Harris is a Visiting Fellow in the Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University. Professor Harris continues his research in North East Asian and regional economic, political and security issues, including:

  • China's foreign policy
  • China-Japan relations
  • multi lateralism in the region.
  • Chair, Australia-China Council
  • Chair, Remuneration Tribunal
  • Member, Foreign Affairs Council
  • Adviser, Japan Centre for International Exchange
  • Co-Chair, Australian Committee for Security Cooperation in Asia Pacific, Member, Trilateral Commission.

  • Greg Austin and Stuart Harris (2001) Japan and Greater China: Political Economy and Military power in the Asian Century. London and Hawaii: Hurst and University of Hawaii press.
  • Stuart Harris (1998) Will China Divide Australia and the US?. Sydney: Australian Centre for American Studies.
  • Stuart Harris and Andrew Mack (eds) (1997) Asia-Pacific Security: The Economics-Polititics Nexus. Sydney and Boston: Allen and Unwin and Paul and Company.
  • Stuart Harris and Gary Klintworth (eds) (1995) China as a Great Power: Myths, Realities and Challenges in the Asia-Pacific region. Melbourne and New York: Longman and St Martin's Press.