BA (Sydney), MA (hons) (Melbourne), BPhil (Oxon), MA (Cambridge)
Philosophy and Religious Studies

Professor Tony Coady is Vice Chancellor's Fellow and Professorial Fellow in Applied Philosophy in the ARC Special Research Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, at the University of Melbourne. Professor Coady's book, Testimony: A Philosophical Study (1992), has had a significant international impact on epistemological studies and was described by the Cambridge philosopher Professor Myles Burnyeat in the London Review of Books as an important event in philosophy. Coady has an abiding interest in ethical and conceptual problems to do with war and other forms of political violence. His book Morality and Political Violence (2008) was described in the British philosophy journal Analysis by the American reviewer Robert Holmes as representing a major contribution to the understanding of violence in its many permutations in the modern world and the Canadian philosopher Thomas Hurka said in a review in the Philosophical Review that it may well be the best treatment of its kind yet written. His book Messy Morality: the Challenge of Politics (2008) has also been widely reviewed and praised having been described by David Archard in Contemporary Political Theory as an elegant essay (which) is a worthy addition to the literature. Kimberley Brownlee in the Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews said that it makes a valuable contribution to important topics in normative theory and political philosophy. Particular areas of expertise include;

  • epistemology
  • philosophy of religion
  • political ethics
  • the ethics of reproductive human cell and genetic technology international ethics
  • international ethics
  • applied philosophy
  • Director, Centre for Philosophy and Public Issues, UoM
  • Boyce Gibson Professor of Philosophy, UoM; Laurance S. Rockefeller Visiting Fellow, Center for Human Values, Princeton University
  • ARC Senior Research Fellow; Chair of Humanities Panel of the ARC Large Grant Committee
  • Senior Fellow, US Institute for Peace; Member, Infertility Treatment Authority, Victorian Government.

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