Diploma of Art (Edinburgh College of Art), MA (Hons1) (Edinburgh)
Political science

TOM NAIRN has been involved in a very wide range of political, intellectual and cultural activities. He has devoted much time to publication of non-academic or para-academic material, such as writing for non-refereed journals, magazines, newspapers, pamphlets and on-line venues. These include Anno (Rome), Bulletin of Scottish Politics (Edinburgh), Dissent (USA), Il Contemporaneo (Rome), Kursbuch (Berlin), Les Temps Modernes (Paris), New Statesman, Mondo Operaio, Libération, The Guardian, The Independent on Sunday, and the London Review of Books. Over the period 1989 - 1994 he wrote a fortnightly article for The Scotsman (Edinburgh) dealing mainly with the development of the constitutional independence movement, and he has served as London correspondent of l'Unità.

Since his appointment to the position of Innovation Professor in Nationalism and cultural Diversity at the Globalism Institute, RMIT University in 2002 Professor Nairn's studies at the Globalism Research Centre have focused mainly on the politics and culture of the post-1989 globalization process. Without denying that market forces remain a necessary condition of these changes they have looked for sufficient conditions as well: the politics and culture of how societies are remaking themselves in a more unified world. Wide-angled research is required for this and their efforts now extend from the 'politics of the body' and bio-technology, via local communities and government, to the fate of nationalism within an altering international arena. A deep influence on Professor Nairn's thinking has come from Bill Cope's Common Ground organisation, based in Melbourne, both in conference organisation and in publishing. It was Common Ground Publishing that brought out the 3rd edition of Break-up of Britain in 2003 (see Key Publications)

  • 1957-58: Researcher at La Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy
  • 1959-61: Researcher at Dijon University, France
  • 1963-69: Lecturer at Hornsey College of Art, London
  • 1971-78: Researcher at the Transnational Institute, Amsterdam
  • 1994-2001: Lecturer and Convenor of Nationalism Studies, Edinburgh University Graduate School
  • 2002-2009: Researcher in Globalism Studies, RMIT University, Melbourne

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