BEc(Hons1) (Queensland), MComm (Econ) (Melbourne), MA (Pol Sci) (Chicago), PhD (Econ) (Sydney)

Professor Tony Aspromourgos is Professor of Economics in the School of Economics, University of Sydney. Professor Aspromourgos specialises in the history of economic thought, monetary economics and macroeconomics. His most recent research activities are concerned with the thought of Adam Smith, John Maynard Keynes' policy views, and the question of public debt sustainability.

  • Lecturer in Economics, University of Sydney (1985 - 1989)
  • Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Sydney (1990 - 1997)
  • Associate Professor of Economics, University of Sydney (1998 - 2005)
  • Professor of Economics, University of Sydney (2006 - 2019)
  • Emeritus Professor of Economics (2019 - )


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