Political science

My research interests cover two principal areas: one is political economy and the other is international organisations.

The first is around politics in the electricity industry primarily in China but elsewhere too. It is on the general development of the industry, as well as on its specific segments: electricity generation (all sources and nuclear in particular) and transmission and distribution (from its infrastructure development to its services). This research on politics in electricity overlaps with that on the state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in China and India. The research on nuclear power development in China remains the single comprehensive study available so far. The research on the State Grid Corporation in China, the second largest corporation on Global Fortune 500, is on the evolution of a key SOE from a government ministry to a global corporation, on technological innovation, and on global expansion of Chinese SOEs. Both studies have drawn great interest from the US State Development, US Justice Department and British foreign affairs diplomates and from media outlets, from the Financial Times in UK, Wall Street Journal in the US and Handelsblatt in Germany.

The second research on international organisations is a combination of my interests in international politics and P. Weller’s (FASSA) expertise on executive government. Together, we have completed several major projects on the World Trade Organisation, the World Bank, and five major international organisations in a recent study. Our primary concern is to explain how these organisations actually operate by focusing on the working world of the players, IO leaders, international civil servants and state representatives These studies are not only well received by colleagues in the field but, more importantly, by the practitioners working in and around international organisations.

Professor, School of Government and International Relations, Griffith University

Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia, 2018

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