BA (Hons) (Macquarie), Diplome de Troisieme Cycle (University of Nice), PhD (Macquarie)


Ghassan Hage’s early work on White Nationalist Australians experiences of multiculturalism, published in White Nation (2000), had an important impact on debates around multiculturalism at the turn of the century. It continues to be widely taught around the world as part of subjects dealing with the question of Whiteness, Nationalism, Racism and Colonialism. The revival of White Supremacist politics around the world has also given a renewed public importance.

Ghassan’s work on Anthropological Theory and the Radical Imagination has been hghly infulential within the discipline in thinking through the relation between Anthropology as a social science and political activism.

His more recent work on the relation between racism and environmental destruction has laid the ground for an important dialogue between anti-racism and environmental activists.

Future Generation Professor of Anthropology and Social Theory at the University of Melbourne


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