BA/LLB (Hons) (Melbourne); LLM (Harvard); SJD (Harvard)

Law and Legal Studies

Fleur Johns is Professor in the Faculty of Law at UNSW Sydney, working in the areas of public international law, legal theory, law and development, law and society, and law and technology. Fleur studies emergent patterns of governance on the global plane, and their social, political and economic implications. Fleur's recent work has focused on the role of automation and digital technology in global legal relations, especially in development, humanitarian aid and disaster relief. Fleur is interested in how digital mediation of these areas of practice is changing the way the public is understood and represented, and who and what we notice within it. She is currently leading an Australian Research Council-funded project entitled 'Data Science in Humanitarianism: Confronting Novel Law and Policy Challenges'. In 2021-2024, Fleur is undertaking a four-year Australian Research Council Future Fellowship working on a project entitled 'Diplomatic Knowledge, Disasters and the Future of International Legal Order'. 

Before joining UNSW, Fleur was Co-Director of the Sydney Centre for International Law at the University of Sydney. She has also held visiting appointments in Canada (the University of Toronto), the UK (the LSE), Europe (the EUI), and the US (the Institute for Advanced Study). Fleur has served on a range of not-for-profit boards and management committees and currently serves on editorial boards in the US, the UK and Australia.

Contributions for which Fleur is known include: enhancing understanding of the legal significance of non-legal (e.g., illegal, scientific, financial) knowledge and practices in shaping and regulating global life; elucidating roles played by non-state actors (especially corporations) in international legal relations; and illuminating relationships between normative orders at different scales: between norms enacted in cities and daily work routines, and global legal dynamics.

Visiting Professor, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, 2021-2022

Editorial Board, American Journal of International Law, since 2018

Editorial Board, Routledge Book Series: Politics of Transnational Law, since 2015

Editorial Advisory Board, London Review of International Law, since 2013

Editorial Advisory Board, Australian Feminist Law Journal, since 2008

Editorial Board, Global Change, Peace & Security, since 2008

Australian Research Council Future Fellowship, 2021-2024 (see below)

Fulbright Senior Scholar Award, Australian-American Fulbright Commission, 2019-20 (declined)

Member, School of Social Sciences, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, 2019-20

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3. Fleur Johns, ‘Data, Detection, and the Redistribution of the Sensible’ (2017) 111 American Journal of International Law 57-103

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5. Fleur Johns, Non-Legality in International Law: Unruly Law (Cambridge University Press 2013)