BA (Maths), LLB (Hons) (UQ); LLM (Merit) (UCL); PhD, GCHE (Griffith), Solicitor Qld.

Law and Legal Studies

I am a regular contributor to public debate, particularly within the field of the rules and norms of electoral politics. Eg, I have published over 115 op-eds in major national outlets and am regularly invited to give evidence at parliamentary inquiries. 

I am also involved in pro bono and expert consultancies. Eg, presently as a member of the NSW iVote Expert Panel and having been an expert witness and deponent in half a dozen US and Canadian Supreme Court cases.

My research centres on systematising, and identifying pathologies in, the law that governs electoral democracy. Themes include avoiding juridifying politics, the structure, conception and regulation of parties, and regulating vote-buying and its modern ‘metaphorical’ forms. I also am concerned with elections as rituals and the symbolic and expressive aspects of public law, political language and institutions. Finally I have written variously at the cusp of labour law and union security and did considerable early career work in the area of negligence and duties of care.

Fellow of Australian Academy of Law

Hauser Senior Global Fellow, NYU

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