BA (University of Carthage, Tunisia); Grad Dip (Foreign Languages Institute, China); MA (ANU); PhD (Monash)


Professor Fethi Mansouri holds the UNESCO Chair for comparative research on cultural diversity and social justice and is the founding director of the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation at Deakin University. He is among the world’s leading experts on diversity, migration and intercultural studies and is the editor of the leading journal in the field, the Journal of Intercultural Studies. He has been awarded over 40 research grants from prestigious funding bodies totalling more than M, including nine from the Australian Research Council (7 as leader/first named CI). His comparative, globally-oriented research program has pioneered new conceptual paradigms addressing diversity governance and intercultural relations as they relate to individual subjectivities and collective cultural rights in Australia and internationally.  

Professor Mansouri has published eighteen scholarly books (six authored/co-authored and twelve edited/co-edited) and more than 120 book chapters and refereed papers in high ranking journals. Professor Mansouri’s 2004 book ‘Lives in Limbo’ (UNSW Press, with M. Leach) was shortlisted for the 2004 Human Rights and Medal Awards. His 2017 manuscript on ‘Interculturalism at the Crossroads’ was launched at the UN in May 2017 and subsequently re-published in 2019 as a fully translated version in French.  

Professor Mansouri’s research has attracted international recognition and awards and appointments including his appointment in 2010 as an expert advisor to the United Nations on diversity and intercultural relations. Also notable are the number of invited/keynotes (more than 100), his multiple editorial roles across many academic journals and his significant research leadership roles at Deakin University and internationally. Prof Mansouri contributes proactively to public discourse and engages extensively with mainstream media outlets, social media and makes regular submissions to parliamentary inquiries. He provides direct input into policy-making and social affairs domestically and internationally through his membership of numerous international agencies, governmental, academic and community organisations advisory boards.

2015-present: Director, Alfred Deakin Institute

2013-present: UNESCO Chair, Cultural Diversity and Social Justice

2015-present: UNESCO UniTwin Network Convenor (Inter-religious Dialogue and Inter-cultural Understanding)

2006-09: Associate Dean Research, Faculty of Arts and Education, Deakin University

2008-present: Research Char, Migration and Intercultural studies;

2004-2008: Associate Professor, Middle Eastern Studies

2000: Dean’s Best Researcher Award, Deakin University

2001: Community Service Award, State Government of Victoria

2002: Dean’s Best Researcher Award, Deakin University

2004: Advisory board member, The International Humanities Association

2004: Human Rights and Equal Opportunity (HREOC) Medal Awards: Lives in Limbo (UNSW Press, with Michael Leach) short-listed for the Non-Fiction Awards

2005: Member, The International Association for the Study of Forced Migration (IASFM)

2006: Visiting Professor, University of Lund, Sweden

2006: Visiting Professor, University of Carthage, Tunisia

2009: Visiting Professor, University of Paris 13; France

2011: Distinguished Visiting Professor Award, University of Ottawa, Canada

2012: Distinguished Research Award, Deakin University

2013: Alfred Deakin Professorship

2015: Elected convener, UNESCO UniTwin network 

2017: Member, International Political Studies Association (IPSA)

2020: Elected Fellow, The Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia

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