Mapping Gendered Systems of Social Protection and Social Support Across Welfare, Family and Disability Domains

25 & 28 June (virtual) + 1 July (hybrid)

Conveners: Associate Professor Kristin Natalier, Associate Professor Karen Soldatic and Emeritus Professor Barbara Pocock

There is a vast array of policies and programmes across government, private and community sectors shaping the lives of socioeconomically marginalised women. These programs have become more complex and expansive, simultaneously aiming to integrate compliance and reporting measures at the individual, household and service programming levels while often failing to address data gaps that emerge through the disjuncture between formal records and practice and through different policy aims and logics.

This workshop aims to generate a cross-disciplinary conceptualisation and evidence base on the intersections and gaps in the logic and implementation of policies, programs and their infrastructure across welfare, family and disability domains.